Summer 2018

Summer has arrived in Central Texas! We have finally hit a triple-digit week. Depending on who you ask in the family, you’ll get varying emphasis on the word “finally”. Once a triple-digit week hits, we are hot and sticky through Labor Day. Laura can finally take off the sweaters and put on shorts. Adam can enjoy the comfort of air conditioned box to air conditioned box being careful not to melt in-between those boxes. We are still amazed to think people lived here in the South long before air conditioning even existed!

Ministry has been made up of myriad of activities the last couple of months; renewing vows, pre-marital counseling, mentoring, coaching, affair recovery, and hosting men’s and women’s events in our home. In walking through affair recovery with a couple, they were coming up on their 10th Anniversary and wanted to put a stake in the ground to show their first 10 years were one marriage, from this day forward was going to be different. We were blessed to be able to walk this road with them and double-blessed when they asked us to be part of and officiate their vow renewal ceremony (pictured right)! Just prior to the ceremony, satan was doing all he could to try and make her feel ashamed. The ceremony kicked off with her sharing about her infidelity to family sitting in the audience; she was nervous, anxious, and feeling shame. We had the opportunity to pray for and with them before the ceremony kicked off. It was so cool to stand with them as they renewed their vows. A new couple. A new legacy to their two girls.

Fast forward a few weeks, we found ourselves officiating a vow renewal for a couple who we’ve been blessed to walk life with over the last two years. They first came to a ReUnite Weekend back in March 2017 with body language speaking louder than words. They were in a tough season; hurt was prevalent regardless how hard they tried to hide it. After the Weekend, they plugged into our LifeGroup and attended the men’s Fireside Fridays and women’s Gather meetings. Over the course of a couple of months, we saw a new man emerge. He was not the same guy we met at the ReUnite Weekend. They’re marriage and family were changing before our eyes. They returned for “ReUnite 2.0” (as they like to say) a new couple and soaked up more tools and took the opportunities to reconnect as a couple. As they were leaving the ReUnite Weekend this past March, they asked Adam if he’d officiate their vow renewal of 20 years. It was such a time of celebration for their family and our LifeGroup. The photo below is in closing, we asked anyone interested to come and lay hands on the family as Adam closed in prayer. The Army saw fit to send them to Ft. Bliss (El Paso, TX.) shortly after the ceremony for Sergeant Major Academy. Oscar took a step of faith and put out a mass notice to all the attendees he was looking to host a weekly group for guys looking to stay strong in their faith while going to school! He’s now leading a group of guys at Ft. Bliss using the same questions we ask each other during Fireside Fridays (1. What has God been teaching you? 2. What are you doing about it? 3. Is there anything we as a group of men can do to help you in that endeavor?) We also found out this week, they are opening their home and starting a small group on post. It is so encouraging to us to see God multiplying through us!

Pre-Marital Counseling

This is Micah Clark and Mary Andrews. Micah recently graduated West Point and is stationed at Ft. Hood while Mary lives in the Ft. Worth area teaching. Micah returned from his first deployment to Korea in late December, proposed to his girlfriend over Christmas break, and contacted us the first week of January to work through some pre-marital counseling. How’s that for a thorough guy?! It took us a couple of months to sync our calendars due to our traveling and Micah training in the field, but we have been meeting on Tuesday nights via Skype. Micah in his apartment near post, Mary in her apartment in Ft. Worth, and us in our home in Belton. Spending time with them each week was such an encouragement to us. Each of them have their head on their shoulders, a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and actually had talked a lot about the topics we covered with them. They were candid, honest, and very teachable. They are getting married later next month with Micah’s dad performing the ceremony. We can’t wait until they get back from their honeymoon and jump into LifeGroup with us. In an odd way, we feel somewhat like they are our kids starting life together. We know God is going to do amazing things in the Army through them!

She’s Gone and Done It!

In a whirlwind fashion Madeline graduated college with her Bachelor’s in Psychology! God moved mountains enabling her to not have to go for another semester and walk with her classmates. Words are inadequate to express the pride in our hearts and praise to God. Grandparents were even in town for the celebration!

Up next she is deciding when to start her internship. She wants to start her Master’s degree, but is kind of tired of classroom routines right now. She’s been invited to France for a semester to assist in reaching out to and serving foreign college students, Muslim refugees, as well as local students. We are blessed to see how God provided and blew her socks off throughout college and praying more of the same in the near future. =)