ReUnite Weekend v3

We just returned from our third ReUnite Weekend at The Greathouse in Junction, Texas. What a weekend to see God at work both through us and the team as well as the couples who attended. Here are some of the comments we received…

“It has opened up our communication and invited shared prayer into our marriage. I think praying over things will strengthen our bond and alleviate stress in our relationship.” ~ Active-duty wife, married 1 1/2 years

“We grew closer together in our marriage, we laughed like we never have before, we just enjoyed each other and grew in our friendship.” ~ coming from the wife of a veteran husband who recently confessed an affair

(husband)“ReUnite is an awesome tool for marriage; repair, improvement, maintenance and sustainability. Each time you attend ReUnite Weekend, you experience exponential growth and healing. ie 2 x ReUnite = growth2
(wife)“It allowed me to remember what the Cross really means in every area of my life. It convicted me of unforgiveness in my heart and encouraged me to make better efforts to get to know my husband better.”
~ Active-duty couple

“Increased our intentionality and connected prayer with intimacy.” ~ Active-duty soldier

“I think that ReUnite is the beginning of openness and acceptance of Christ as the key to our union. We have struggled with openness and honesty out of fear. Using Christ in our individual lives and not together.”
~ veteran

As a team, God gave us changes to our talks which were literally just in time, God guided us through some technical difficulties, and gave us much needed mental, emotional, and physical strength to serve Him and others with excellence throughout the weekend.

We are very much looking forward to our next ReUnite Weekend in May which has a waiting list of couples who want to come! We are praising God and thanking you for your partnership in ministry allowing us the opportunity to serve Him and the soldiers and families here at Ft. Hood.