Praying Together

As we meet with various couples looking to strengthen their marriages, the best part has been the opportunity to pray with them at the end of each session. Each couple has different struggles and issues they are working through, some pretty easy, others really difficult. As we work through a curriculum given to us by a counselor/pastor in Michigan, we leave enough time each week to pray with (not for) them. It is so cool to see them grow. At first, maybe the wife will pray, but usually not the husband, but by the second or third meeting, they’re praying together!!! A blessing upon blessing came to us last week via a text message from one of the couples:

“…we hit a roadblock the other day…we’re doing ok…he admitted
and confessed his wrongdoing…I have chosen to forgive
him and we prayed together…”

We literally jumped for joy at reading it! It brought us so much joy to hear this couple work through their difficulties in a godly manner rather than the poor life draining fashion they used to work with.

There’s just something about praying together as a couple. Something so simple, yet so difficult. Why is that? Maybe because we don’t always like to do what is good for us? Maybe because we’re lazy? Maybe because we’re scared? Maybe because we’re hiding? Maybe because we’re embarrassed? There are many many reasons not to pray together, but the best reason TO pray together…Jesus told us to! (James 5)

Here are just a few more reasons:

  • Prayer humbles you – Holy moments spent before God in prayer help to place you and your marriage desires in proper perspective.
  • Prayer guides you – Prayer illuminates God’s Word for you and guides you as you apply it to your marital issues and decisions.
  • Prayer changes you – When praying for your marriage, you’re more likely to have a teachable spirit and be open to what God wants to do in you, rather than being stuck on what you want Him to do in your spouse.
  • Prayer helps you see your spouse differently – Just as Paul shared in 2 Corinthians 5, you’ll learn to see them through Jesus’ eyes, not just your own.
  • Prayer equips you – The assignments in Scripture given to Christian husbands and wives aren’t easy. Your time before God in prayer will not only give you a vision of how you should function in marriage, but it will also equip you with the grace to actually do so.

(taken from “Pray Big for Your Marriage” by Will Davis Jr. – see below)

For us, our phones alert us at 10 and 2 everyday to pray together. We devote the 10:00 session to pray for the ministry and those involved. The 2:00 session is geared toward praying for each of us and our immediate family. Now other topics get thrown in there of course, but that’s what we have decided to start with. We don’t hit every session, every day in a given week, but we don’t let that stop us. When the phone goes off, we either go and physically grab the other, or call if we are apart. The weeks we are consistent…incredible. The days we’re off…incredible too, just not for the better. It’s incredible how the two are linked together. Our communication, intimacy, emotions, are all in line when we are persistent.

Want to get started, but don’t know where to begin? Below are a couple of great resources we’ve read and used in the past. You can click on the image and you’ll be taken to FamilyLife’s webpage where you can read more and purchase. Our prayers are with and for you!!!