January 2019

Dear Ministry Partners, Family, and Friends,

We hope your end to 2018 was marked with great memories of spending time as a family, maybe seeing those you haven’t seen in awhile, and you were able to take time away from the busy routine to celebrate Jesus coming into this world. As we ended our year, we were celebrating all God had done in 2018, but especially celebrating alongside Malorie as she got ENGAGED! That’s right, one of our beautiful daughters was proposed to on Thanksgiving in the backyard underneath the soft glow of outdoor lights with family and friends gathered around. It was priceless. No sooner had we cleared the Thanksgiving table, we were well into the act of making plans for the wedding. What else do you expect from a family with four women! Adam is ecstatic to have another male in the family (besides the dog) and looking forward to marrying them.

We won’t go into the details of how they met and all that here. You can go to www.theknot.com and search for Malorie Brown and March 2019. There, you can see pictures, read their story, and all that jazz. Please consider this your invitation to their wedding; March 24th here in Texas. We know you all are scattered all around the country and don’t expect y’all to come, but if you’re looking for a reason to visit Texas, this may be it. There is information on hotels and RSVP links on their website at The Knot.

Please be praying for us as we desire to set them up for success, but yet want to launch them well into married-life. These next two months will travel fast and have many arrangements to be made. We are excited for Malorie and Dylan and look forward to what God has in store for them.

Already this year, we put on a ReUnite Event for a small church in Copperas Cove (just west of Fort Hood). The Pastor and committee interviewed us last October about doing a marriage event for them. We were honored to be chosen and thoroughly enjoyed serving the church body. The event took place Jan. 11 & 12th with what we expected to be about 10 couples turned into 17 couples!  All left rating their marriage better than when they arrived. Two individuals put their trust in the Gospel for the first time. A couple who are currently separated came, at different times, but are looking coming to the ReUnite Weekend next month. Below are some of the comments we received from two questions on the evaluations; what is one thing you will remember and describe the effect of ReUnite:

“Take one small step daily and repeat perseverance.” “It softened hearts recognizing God’s immense love toward us. Opened avenues for communicating better and lighting a path for us to follow.”
Veteran wife, married 34 years

“We are not victims of our past origin or history.” “It has been affirming and given us hope.”
— Active-duty wife, married 23 years

Normally, this time of year we are preparing to start multiple rounds of ReUnite Small Groups however, there has just been a large battalion returning from down range and are on block leave. We decided to stall a few months to allow the couples to reconnect and all to arrive back before launching ReUnite Groups this year. So, immediately following the wedding, we’ll have ReUnite Groups going on at Grace Bible Church in Killeen and Taylors Valley Baptist in Temple.

One of the wives of the deployed soldiers is a ReUnite alumni and is acting as point of contact for the ladies at Grace Bible Church. She and Laura are working on helping the wives prepare to receive their husbands and guiding them to valuable resources in the interim. This round of ReUnite Groups could be the largest we’ve had since we started doing ReUnite!

Please pray for these wives, and many more like them, who are single parents right now with kids who have been without the other parent for almost a year. Their family is tired. She is worn out. The husband is ready to get home, yet has a job to do. They both have expectations of what the return will look like. The kids can’t wait. Satan would love to destroy. God has other plans.

is a once-a-month opportunity for women to gather around the table for authentic conversation. Guided questions go past the cliché conversations and get to the heart of each of the ladies. The women become closer immediately and know better how to pray with and for each other. Prayerfully, as the Army sends these ladies out around the country, they will start their own Gather Tables.

is also a once-a-month opportunity for men to grill meat and sit around the fire to ask each other three questions:
1. What has God been teaching you?
2. What are you doing about it?
3. Is there anything we can do to help in that endeavor?

We are so thankful for your partnership with us in ministry here at Ft. Hood. You are a blessing! We appreciate your prayer and support. We cannot be doing this without your support! We have included an envelope you can use to send your support check. Please make checks payable to 10:10Life and mail to PO Box 311, Belton, TX. 76513. If you’d prefer to give electronically, please visit our website at www.1010life.org and look for the PayPal link. If you’ve already sent your gift, thank you and please disregard.