2017 Onward…

We hope your 2017 is starting off in the right direction. We were blessed beyond words this past Christmas season with opportunities to see great friends, have quality time with our girls, and see God at work in the lives of individuals and families around us. It couldn’t have been better (other than just more of it)!!

Our first big ministry event for 10:10Life this year was a prayer training hosted in our home. We had five couples attend a Friday night and all day Saturday training on how to pray with individuals and helping them discern God’s voice. The prayer times we have been fortunate to be part of and lead, have been incredible to see the transformation in the individual as they hear from God, confess lies they had come to believe, and trust God for the truths He speaks to them. We could fill page after page with personal stories of life change. With the new couples now trained, we look forward to being able to meet with more individuals to help them understand their true identity.

Moving forward in 2017, we are looking forward to the following big events:

Basically the same as the ReUnite weekly groups in the past, just shortened a bit. In the past, couples expressed a desire to be involved with ReUnite, but couldn’t because of their moving or just hectic schedules. What was a 9-week group will now be a 4-week + an all-day Saturday. We still have all the talks and associated homework exercises, just a shortened calendar to make it more accessible. We are really looking forward to hosting the all-day Saturday in our home as well. God has blessed our socks off with a great home to share and do ministry in. We’d be crazy not to do it!

ReUnite Weekend
We are excited to have 3 ReUnite Weekends scheduled for this year. Our first weekend is March 3-5th and praying God to fill the 12 rooms we have available. Personally, we are really looking forward to these weekends as we have the opportunity to be accompanied by some really close friends, Jeff and Sandra Presnal as well as Todd and Stefanie Vincent. God has given each of them a story and burden to share with the couples who come to the ReUnite Weekends. As a team, we can see God encouraging us and propelling us forward together in ministry. We are also just as excited for the couples who will be joining us. It truly is a time to get away from the stressors of the day-to-day and really work on their marriage. We’ve already seen many couples prepared to divorce on Friday night, but leave recharged and focused on making their marriage a God-honoring marriage as they head home. We also have a second ReUnite Weekend booked for May 5-7th.

The Valley
God continues to bring men suffering various traumas from war into The Valley. The most recent is a 53 year old, 23 year Army veteran who just recently put his faith in Jesus Christ. One of our long-term members had been suffering from nightmares, sleepless nights, and even hallucinations. After many months of working with him and his bride, he is now willing to open up about these to the local VA and now is getting the help he and they desperately needed.

We are currently walking through a men’s study called 33 The Series (formerly Men’s Fraternity) and talking about what it means to be a man of God, experience authentic manhood as one who has suffered through some serious trauma. The conversations, friendships, and outcomes of this group are incredible! We are blessed to be part of these men’s and women’s lives. Yep, we now have a women’s group meeting at the same time. Most of them are suffering secondary effects of Post Traumatic Stress, but there are a few active duty women who are first-hand sufferers as well as second-hand from their husband. They have been talking a lot about their identity in Christ and now moving into working through a book called Mended: Pieces of a Life Made Whole (Angie Smith). Laura has walked other ladies through this material and is looking forward to the unique traumas God will be mending in these women’s lives. While still in infancy, we are trying to discern where God wants us to go with the women’s group; it’s diverse and complex. We covet your prayers in giving direction to this group (both men and women).

Ladies Group
We’ve not shared much about the small group of women Laura meets with on Friday mornings. It’s been going strong for the last year or so. It’s a mix-bag of military wives and active-duty women from different stages of life and walk with God. Laura is discipling a couple of them to lead groups in the future. As a group, they’ve worked through Fervent: A Women’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer (Priscilla Shirer), Calm My Anxious Heart (Linda Dillow), Believing God (Beth Moore), and this Friday they will be starting What’s It Like To Be Married To Me?: And Other Dangerous Questions (Linda Dillow) which is probably our favorite book on marriage from a woman’s perspective. The opportunity to see these women grow in their faith is a tremendous blessing. Over the year they have been together, babies have been born, husbands deployed and returned, walking through infertility, marital struggles, and God answering prayer after prayer for each of these sweet ladies.


We are so thankful for your partnership with us in ministry here at Ft. Hood. You are a blessing!
We appreciate your prayer and support. We cannot be doing this without your support!
If you’d like to partner with us financially, please see the giving link back on our homepage or send your personal check made payable to 10:10Life to PO Box 311, Belton, TX. 76513.